beachy keen

I'm still getting the hang of using my camera (these all came out way too bright and you could see me holding the remote in almost every photo) but I still think they're 100% better than the iphone pictures I was taking before.

I went to the beach for dinner last night and decided to wear two of the beachiest items in my closet. I got this dress on clearance from modcloth a couple years ago and I still think it's one of the most clever pieces of clothing I own. I don't know if you can tell too much from my pictures but the yellow half of the dress is a photo print of people lounging on a beach and the blue half is ocean, with a few people swimming in it. I like that it's kind of subtle and abstract from a distance (not just like an all-over novelty print of fish or something, although I'd obviously also be into that too.) And then there's my shell bag! It holds practically nothing, but for dinner down the shore what more do you need than a credit card and cell phone?

dress - modcloth | bag - asos (similar) | shoes - bait footwear

double feature

Jurassic World is back in IMAX theaters for one week! I didn't get a chance to see it in IMAX earlier this summer so I'm tickled pink (literally, haha) that I'm getting a second chance! I bought my tickets two weeks ago and now the day is finally here. I'm so excited! I'm hoping to make a whole movie day out of it and see The Man From U.N.C.L.E. again while I'm at the theater.

Since I'm planning on a double feature I decided to dress for both movies. The dress, hair and sunglasses are all a nod to The Man From U.N.C.L.E. in all its 60's mod glory, and then I'm wearing a subtle t-rex necklace to top it all off.

I've been going to the movies a lot more often this year. I found a theater near my home where it only costs $5.50 for tickets AND every seat is a recliner, so I'm basically planning on living there. The theater I used to go to charged $12 for tickets, so it was more like a once-in-a-while treat. Not to mention there have been so many movies this year that I want to see (and then see again, and again) Inside Out was fantastic, I obviously loved Jurassic World and The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Ant Man was great... oh and I'm looking forward to Everest and The Martian like you wouldn't believe. I read The Martian in January and it was one of my favorite books so far this year.

try, try again

First of all, progress on my hair is moving slowly but surely towards pink. It's more pink than orange right now but I swear in person it looks like I colored my head with a highlighter. Holy neon, Batman!

Second, please note how sharp and non-pixelated my images look. Observe how the colors are vibrant and the exposure isn't too dark. Is it magic??? No! I'm just finally using my DSLR! Yay! I've had this camera since 2013 and I never. ever. use it. I mean for anything, except like maybe 15 pictures of my cats over the last two years. The lens that I have crops everything way too close, so my iphone always seemed like a better option. I was telling my brother about this issue and he let me borrow his wide-angle lens. SO MUCH BETTER!! I bought my own (this is the one I purchased) and I think I'll be using my camera a lot more now. When I set up my tripod on one side of my room, the lens was able to capture the entire opposite side of the room - including carpet and ceiling. I'm so happy about it!

Lastly, you might have already heard about this but I was looking on Refinery29 last week and they had an article about a new website called Try. It's a service that lets you order up to five items from a store for free, try them on, and then only pay for the items you're keeping. It works with ASOS, which is a lifesaver for me since I can be a 6, 8 or 10 depending on the item. I can't even count how many times I order something in two sizes from them and then wait like 3 weeks to get the money back on the size I returned. Especially shoes, since they seem to decide at random whether a US7 is a UK5 or a UK4. It's seriously hit or miss, so I end up ordering a US8 and a US7 every time I get shoes.

Btw, this isn't sponsored, I just really love the whole idea. I don't have enough money to always pay for multiple sizes of everything so I pass up on a lot of things I might have really loved. It's also helpful (for me at least) with dresses where I look at them skeptically thinking, "will that actually fit over my hips??" Now I can find out without paying first :) I was able to sign up via Refinery29, since they have an invite link in their article here.

Anyway. I signed up, I ordered three dresses and this romper, and I only kept this. I'm really smitten with rompers that can pass for dresses (although on this one the pattern being cut-off on the inseam makes it kind of obvious that it's shorts)

romper - asos | shoes - I don't remember | belt - asos

orange you glad to see me

When I said I didn't want to stick to a blogging schedule anymore, I really didn't mean one post a month, haha! Sorry about that. I had a lot of friends visiting from out of town this month and that left very little time for outfit posts. Or sleeping.

So, once again, I'm returning with different hair and glasses. I've been having huge pangs of pink withdrawl for months and I finally bit the bullet and bleached the heck out of my hair last week. It's kind of peachy-orange right now but hopefully pink is just around the corner. I also chopped off a decent amount of hair, since I was falling back on top knots every single day and it's not my best look. I always think "when my hair is long I'll do all these cool updos!" and then once it gets long I'm just super lazy with it and hate brushing it.

I've been having issues with my appearance for about a year now, it definitely was a factor in deciding to quit blogging last year. I feel like I'm starting to come out of it a bit now, but for months I've been really dissatisfied with my reflection. It's not necessarily anything in particular, just a general feeling that when I look in the mirror I'm not seeing "me." Recently a lot of that has been tied to the dark hair, it's my natural color but I have never been happy with it. I started dying it at 16 and about every three years I give it a whirl again, but I inevitably go back to light hair. Even though this color isn't what I'm aiming for in the long run, I already feel so much better than I did with brown hair.

Ugh, so much emotional vomit. Anyway.

On a lighter note, have you seen The Man From U.N.C.L.E. yet? It's a spy movie set in the 1960's and I'm ridiculously obsessed. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely run out to your nearest movie theater right this instant. It has so much fantastic 60's style (I anticipate all of my future purchases being heavily influenced by this movie), a really fun, suspenseful plot and the two stars are so good looking, it's unreal. I may have fallen a little (who am I kidding, a LOT) in love with Armie Hammer in this film. Just go see it, I promise you won't be disappointed! :)

shirt - forever 21 | skirt - topshop | shoes - asos (similar)
glasses - eyebuy direct | belt - forever 21

jumping for joy...

...because Sammi from The Soubrette Brunette is here for a visit! We both have this amazing Bernie Dexter dress so it only seemed fitting that we should take a matching outfit post (and then once we were doing that, it only seemed fitting to try some jumping photos, too!)

I like jeans???

I like jeans now? Actually, I've always liked jeans in theory. I loved them when I was a kid, I used to love getting new ones every year when me and my mom would go back-to-school shopping. I had a pair in middle school with black and white stripes down the side from Fashion Bug that were definitely the coolest jeans ever. But then the early 00's happened and all of a sudden jeans everywhere became low-waisted with like 90% spandex and 10% cotton. I also got a little wider but stayed the same short height, so most of the jeans I did like would have to be hemmed or rolled up at the cuff.


I bought one pair about three months ago on a whim and I'm not even joking I have a whole drawer filled with them now. It was like Liz Lemon in the episode where she gets those Brooklyn Without Limits jeans, only mine don't make my butt look quite as good. I threw out all of my old jeans immediately. (BURN THEM. BURNNN THEMMM!!)

They're old fashioned, gloriously high-waisted, and ninety-nine beautiful percentage points of cotton. My favorites are the ones that come with pre-torn knees because while I might be 99% cotton candy, I like to pretend that I'm 1% rock and roll.

jeans - asos | sweater - from my mom | sneakers - converse

she's pixelated

My pictures are coming out in this weird combination of overly pixelated, but also kind of blurry and slightly too sharp? I do own a real DSLR camera, I should probably just start using it instead of my iphone :\

Also, does my t-shirt look familiar? It's my favorite pattern from my vintage bedding digital kit that I subsequently had made into a rug and iphone case. Society6 just started selling all-over print t-shirts so naturally I was drawn to it like a cat to catnip. I'm really happy with how it looks in person, it's vibrant and the shirt feels nice (I was afraid it might be that shiny polyester fabric that all-over prints tend to be printed on now, but it feels like a comfy old t-shirt)

I also just discovered print all over me, and uploaded some of my repeating pattern prints to a bunch of summer dresses. I ordered one for myself (I bet you'll never guess which pattern!) and I can't wait for it to get here!


clever girl

This week I went to see Jurassic World for the second time and, as usual, I had to dress for the occasion. (I posted my first Jurassic World outfit on instagram, here, before I had started blogging again) I don't love this movie quite as much as Jurassic Park but it's so fun and all of the easter eggs they threw in for fans of the original film made me embarrassingly weepy, ugh. Also, CHRIS PRATT. I've liked him ever since he was on Everwood a long time ago (and of course as Andy Dwyer) so it's just surreal and so exciting that he finally gets to be the big movie star he always should have been. YAY CHRIS! (Although, I should add, as much as I adore Chris Pratt, my favorite character in the movie is definitely Jake Johnson's Lowery.)

Like any good Jurassic Park fan, I liked to be bedecked in dinosaurs from head to toe. This dress is actually one of my favorites EVER. It fits great, it has pockets, and, oh, did I mention, DINOSAURS! I like that it's subtle from far away but once you look up close you realize it has the best novelty print of all time.

And like any good Jurassic Park fan who also makes her own jewelry, of course I had to make some stuff for the movie. My favorite is the Clever Girl brooch (these are hand painted and available in four colors, plus black and white) but I went a little overboard and made like eight different brooches and a necklace plus some artwork because I am just THAT big of a fan. If you're interested you can take a peek at all of my Jurassic Park/World stuff here.